'The Blacklist': Watch James Spader, Huey Lewis and the Cast Flub Their Lines in Season 8 Bloopers (Exclusive)

The new season kicks off Oct. 21.

The Blacklist kicks off its ninth season in one month, where it'll move from Fridays to Thursdays. What better way to count down the new season than a gag reel?

ET exclusively debuts a first look at the bloopers from the season 8 DVD and Blu-ray set, which hits shelves Tuesday, Sept. 21. In the sneak peek at the outtakes, James Spader and his co-stars, as well as special guest star Huey Lewis, hilariously flub their lines while on set. 

Here's the official synopsis: "With his back against the wall, Raymond Reddington (Spader) faces his most formidable enemy yet: Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). Aligned with her mother, infamous Russian spy Katarina Rostova, Liz must decide how far she is willing to go to find out why Reddington has entered her life and what his endgame really is. The fallout between Reddington and Keen will have devastating consequences for all that lie in their wake, including the Task Force they helped to create."

Last season also marked Boone's departure from the NBC crime thriller, as she exited the series in the finale when her character, Liz, was killed by a single bullet to the chest. The actress penned a heartfelt note saying goodbye to her character.  

"This experience, for me, has been an entire life inside of my own life. These eight years playing Liz Keen have helped me better define the world and myself, as she set out to do the same. Liz sought incorruptible familial bonds, and collided with powerful forces to reveal the boundaries where a cruel, indifferent world ended and she began," Boone wrote in June.

"As her story ends I am grateful, most of all for the people I shared this time with: my fellow cast members present and past, our incredible crew who carried every single day for all involved, and those of you we entertained," she continued, thanking The Blacklist team. "The dreams inside this little life are the memories I still have of the guest stars passing through, however briefly -- of their faces, their voices, their idiosyncrasies and talents."

"There have been such an astounding abundance of you over my 150+ episodes that, ironically, I could not list you all here, but… What a list. What a dream. Thank you all."

The season 8 DVD and Blu-ray set also includes deleted scenes and a featurette, "Liz's Farewell," on Boone's final appearance.

The Blacklist returns Thursday, Oct. 21 on NBC. For more, watch below.

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