'The Circle': Terilisha and Savannah on If They'd Compete Again... Together! (Exclusive)

‘The Circle’: Terilisha & Savannah Open Up About Their Feud

ET exclusively spoke with the contestants of the hit Netflix series via Zoom.

Savannah and Terilisha want to make amends following their heated feud on season 2 of The Circle.

When ET spoke with the contestants after they were eliminated from the hit Netflix series, the two explained what their relationship is like today and whether they'd like to compete again someday... possibly even together!

"I think at the time that it was just a lot of things getting lost in translation, and that's what happens when you have a game like The Circle," Savannah told ET's Ash Crossan over Zoom. "When you're speaking to each other via text the entire time, you lose people's, you know, where they have diction, whether they're stressing or not stressing, so you're left to wonder what exactly did they mean, and, 'Am I perceiving all of this all correctly?'" 

"I have reached out to her multiple times since the show has come out, and we have reached a resolution since then," she continued. "Just expressing my apologies and telling her that, even though I'm not sorry for what I said -- because from my perspective, I wasn't lying -- I am sorry for how I said it. And even though I said what I said, I will take accountability for how my words affect people and how they affected her. I made myself very clear to her and I'm really happy with the place that we're in right now. We're cordial and that's all that I can ask for."

Terilisha spoke similar sentiments, telling ET, "I never want her or any player to feel like I ever was out to get them or attack them. I do believe that I can play the game with honesty and integrity. So, that wasn't the game. That wasn't my play."

"We have a group chat, so I speak with everyone frequently, pretty much every day," she added.

Savannah said that after watching their feud play back on TV, she and Terilisha can "definitely see each other's perspectives a little more." She also opened up about the idea of competing on The Circle again, this time maybe going in as a team with another contestant from season 2.

"Would I do the show again? Do I want to put myself through paranoia and anxiety again? I don't really know. Maybe," Savannah joked. "I feel like it would be really fun if I went in as a catfish because I've already done the whole myself thing. I'm not a good liar though, and that's why I didn't go in as a catfish this first time, because I can't remember any of my lies to save my life. I've been like that my entire life."

"Honestly, I would be so open to going in with Courtney or Jack (aka 'Emily') or even Terilisha. I would be open to going in with Terilisha," she exclaimed. "Women have disagreements all the time. People, humans have disagreements all the time. And I think it speaks volumes that, when you're able to sit in a room with one another and come to a compromise, even if it isn't admitting that one person or another is wrong, I think just being able to have that connection with someone and sit down and acknowledge your faults is so important. So I hope people, when they see the fallout between her and I, they dig a little deeper and they're able to see that."

Terilisha told ET she'd also be down to do the show again, either playing as herself again or with Savannah.

"I would definitely go in again and I would go in as myself. I would just make better choices when it comes to keeping the drama low," she explained. "[Savannah and I], we would kill it. We would knock it dead, I definitely think so, for sure."

New episodes of The Circle launch every Wednesday on Netflix. For more on the players and how to watch, check out ET's guide to season 2 here.