'The Cleaning Lady': Juicy New Promo Teases Thony and Arman Romance (Exclusive)

The drama airs Mondays on Fox.

Romance is in the air this Valentine's Day and The Cleaning Lady is no different!

The Fox drama released a new teaser on Monday teasing growing romantic tension between Thony (Elodie Yung) and Arman (Adan Canto). Though nothing is spoken during the 30-second spot, you can just feel the chemistry oozing off the screen as they nearly lock lips.

On Monday's episode, titled "Mother's Mission," Fiona (Martha Millan) and Thony’s relationship is strained following their brush with ICE as a result of Thony’s lies. Meanwhile, Arman uses Thony’s relationship with Garrett (Oliver Hudson) to feed information to the FBI. As Thony's son, Luca’s (Valentino and Sebastien LaSalle) health declines, Thony must decide if she can work with Mother Donna (Betty Buckley), who may be a potential resource for a liver transplant for Luca, but at what cost.

Watch the new Cleaning Lady teaser below.

The Cleaning Lady airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. 

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