'The Conners' Star Lecy Goranson Teases What’s in Store for Dan and Louise's Wedding (Exclusive)

The couple's walk down the aisle will be far from perfect in a laugh-filled episode, Goranson teases.

After kicking off season 4 with a live episode, The Conners is wasting no time delivering another big moment: Dan (John Goodman) and Louise’s (Katey Sagal) wedding day. The anticipated event comes after the two characters got engaged at the end of season 3 much to the delight of fans. Ahead of the big day, which airs on Wednesday, Oct. 13, Lecy Goranson (Becky) teases what to expect.  

“Yes, they are getting married and yes, something’s going to happen,” Goranson told Nischelle Turner while co-hosting Monday night’s broadcast of ET.  

According to ABC, that something is likely the weather, which “forecasts that a tornado is headed for Lanford, creating chaos and surprises.” Needless to say, it’s going to be “a far-from-perfect walk down the aisle.”  

“Oh my gosh, we could not stop laughing while we were shooting it. There is so much comedy in this episode. It’s so much fun,” Goranson shared, before revealing that she “was so excited that there was a wedding” on the show and the whole cast got to get dressed up.  


Meanwhile, season 4 is not only about weddings and relationships, especially after Becky continues to fight to stay sober now that she’s out of rehab. “It’s interesting because I think that her whole outlook on life is totally different now,” Goranson explained, adding that Becky is free falling at times as she continues to recover. “It’s really interesting and fun to play because it’s uncomfortable, you know what I mean? It’s not easy, and I see her kind of shifting and moving and growing... and it’s exciting.” 

For Goranson, seeing her character go on this journey, especially after playing her for seven seasons on Roseanne, is an emotional moment. “Oh yeah, it’s so fun but it’s also so cool... I mean what kind of actor gets that arc of their whole life to play a character,” the actress says.   

And as Becky makes amends with the people in her life, that means reconnecting with former high school friend Mikey (Darien Sills-Evans) and apologizing for lying to him. As a result, Goranson says she got to “revisit some of that geeky, straight-A mall girl that I knew and loved back in the ‘90s.” 

The Conners airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.