The 'Dollface' Season 2 Trailer Sees Jules, Madison, Stella and Izzy Navigating Post-Pandemic Life (Exclusive)

Hulu released the trailer for Season 2 of the dramedy on Tuesday.

Dollface is heading back to Hulu, and season 2 promises even more drama as Jules (Kat Dennings), Madison (Brenda Song), Stella (Shay Mitchell) and Izzy (Esther Povitsky) try to keep their group together post pandemic.

In the just-released trailer for the show's highly-anticipated second season, we see Jules and her best friends trying to make up for lost time after spending over a year indoors due to the pandemic. As the girls approach 30, they'll have to adjust to being back in the world again, all while navigating work, love and a deeper relationship with each of themselves.

ET spoke to Dennings, Song and Mitchell ahead of the show's season 1 premiere in 2019, where they dished on the dramedy and its focus on female friendships.

"Dollface is actually a name I came up with. That's the name that my ex used to call me," Dennings revealed about the show's cute and catchy title.

"When you get in a relationship, sometimes, you get very, very involved in your boyfriend or girlfriend's life and you forget your own life," Song explained to ET about Jules' metaphorical return to the world of women.


That world comes to play when Dennings says Julies is having "an emotional surge."

"The magical realism, in the series, comes at times when Jules is having an emotional surge," Dennings shared. "When feelings become kind of overwhelming for her, she goes into this other zone."

That world includes a "cat lady" who helps Jules navigate her bad breakup with Jeremy in season 1 and will be back in season 2 to help her continue to adjust to the single life.

"The friend group is the love story of the show, which is a big story, I think, that we're telling," the WandaVision actress added, cementing what the core of the series is all about.

Season 2 of Dollface premieres on Hulu Feb. 11.