'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Star Sophia Grace Reveals the Sex of Her First Child 

The 19-year-old influencer revealed that she was pregnant last month.

Sophia Grace, is sharing some exciting news about her pregnancy. In a new video posted on her official YouTube channel, the 19-year-old British social media influencer, who gained some fame after appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a child, revealed that she is expecting a little boy.  

Sophia shared that she found the news out during her 20-week scan and had already informed her close family and friends. The influencer made the announcement with the use of a cake that had blue sponge in the middle, a confetti cannon and balloons that each held blue filling.  

"I am having a boy," she exclaimed after making the three reveals. "And when I first found out that I was having a boy, I honestly wasn’t shocked because I just felt from the start that I was going to be a boy mom and that I was going to have a boy. So when I found out, I wasn’t shocked. Either way I was happy because I didn’t mind if it was a boy or a girl." 

Sophia shared that her boyfriend and father were both excited to be welcoming a boy to the family -- which is filled with girls.  

"My boyfriend was super excited about it because I feel like most men want a boy as their first baby. Also another person who was super happy was my dad, because we literally have so many girls in our family. We barely have any boys."

Sophia rounded out the 11-minute video by sharing some of the adorable blue things she picked up for her son, including a pacifier, a sleep outfit and a blanket.  

The social media star shared that she was expecting her first child last month.  

"I am here to tell you guys that I am pregnant," she said in a video featuring a backdrop of pink-and-blue balloons. "So, I am 21 weeks today." 

She continued, "I'm sure a lot of you are going to be very shocked. Because it probably was unexpected but I was very shocked when I first found out." 

Sophia added that she waited to share the news until after she and the baby were 100 percent healthy. The mommy also took the time to reveal a couple of sonogram photos and the news that she heard her baby’s heartbeat at 17 weeks.  

"That was literally so cool because it’s like mad to think there’s literally, like, another life inside of you," she said. "So that was super cool." 

Sophia also gave an update on how she was feeling and dealing with morning sickness. 

"I do not know why they call it morning sickness because it lasted all day long!" she quipped.