'The Family Chantel': Pedro Has a Tense Confrontation With Chantel's Mom Karen Amid Nasty Divorce (Exclusive)

Pedro and Chantel's divorce drama is extending to her family in this exclusive clip from Monday's 'The Family Chantel.'

Pedro and Chantel's divorce drama is extending to her family. In this exclusive clip from Monday's The Family Chantel, Pedro goes to the house they share that he moved out of in order to tell Chantel he's filing for divorce, but instead, is met by his mother-in-law, Karen.

Pedro and Chantel's divorce has been getting nasty on this season of The Family Chantel, and in the clip, Karen asks him why he can't just call Chantel when he says he needs to talk to her. Pedro says he can show up at their house if he wants to and also says he can no longer pay for his phone and that he needs to "move on." He claimed during last week's episode that Chantel took all the money out of their joint bank account.

"You can't pay for the cell phone plan, but you had to move on?" Karen incredulously asks him. "Have some respect. Go away now and call Chantel on the phone."

Karen also says that her daughter already knows Pedro is filing for divorce. Pedro clearly has no sympathy for Chantel.

"That way, she gonna be happy," he tells Karen. "She never going to have depression again. She gonna be happy because, you know, she say that I make her life miserable, impossible, all this stuff. Tell her now that she going to have everything she need because she want to be happy."

Karen gives him a sarcastic reply with a smile on her face.

"Well, I think you have everything that you need because you asked for a divorce, so you're going to be happy and you'll have the the most fabulous divorce ever, and I mean ever," she tells him. "You asked for it, so you're gonna get it." 

Pedro tells cameras Chantel's family is "fake."

"All of the progress that I made with them, it was not real," he says. "For me, the progress felt real because that was the only family I got over here in the United States. They were. But in the end, I feel it all was very fake."

"I feel I'll never see Chantel again at this moment," he adds. "I go to tell her, you know, what the end of the story is and she didn't want to hear it."

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