'The Family Chantel': Pedro Questions His Marriage to Chantel (Exclusive)

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Pedro's devastating family drama is taking its toll on his marriage to Chantel. In this exclusive clip from Monday's new The Family Chantel, the 90 Day Fiancé alum says he's now unsure about his marriage given his family history.

Pedro has been in the Dominican Republic with his mom and sister, and has been fighting with his family because of him bringing up their painful past. Pedro's mom, Lidia, had an affair with his dad, who had a whole other family when he met her. Lidia had two kids with Pedro's dad, him and his little sister, Nicole. Pedro's father has been largely absent from his life and Pedro was uncomfortable during his visit to his home country to find out his grandmother was also involved with a married man, and Nicole is now repeating the family history as her boyfriend, Alejandro, is also still legally married. Pedro's mom and grandmother had no regrets about being involved with married men and said it was the culture.

In this clip, Pedro starts to wonder if he too married Chantel to get to America, though subconsciously. Chantel says she knows Lidia and Nicole only want to "use" her and Pedro.

"OK, everything is so confused to me because, like, is my grandma taking advantage of my grandpa, my mom taking advantage of my father? Maybe now I take advantage from you," he tells Chantel.

But Chantel tells him the difference is Pedro knew right away he was in love with her. She also says he never thought about coming to America before he met her during her vacation to the Dominican Republic. Still, Pedro now has doubts.

"I question myself, like, I question my marriage right now," he says. "I was raised this way, I marry Chantel and I take advantage from her, and that's it? I don't know because sometimes I was confused, is love advantage? What the f**k is it?"

Chantel then revisits the earlier days in their relationship, when her mother, Karen, had doubts about Pedro's intentions when marrying her eldest daughter. Karen felt Lidia was forcing Pedro to marry an American woman so that he would send money back to her, though both Pedro and his family have always denied it.

"He wonders if he's been using me subconsciously," Chantel tells cameras. "I mean, I feel like if he didn't fall in love with me, he probably still would have tried to come to the United States on a different visa, another type of way because it was implanted in Pedro by his family to get to the United States."

New episodes of The Family Chantel air Mondays at 8 p.m., ET/PT on TLC.


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