'The Family Chantel': Royal Threatens to Kick Out His Family at His Wedding (Exclusive)

Royal isn't having it when it comes to his family.

Tensions are already high even before Royal and Angenette's big wedding in the Philippines on Monday's episode of The Family Chantel.

90 Day Fiancé stars Chantel and Pedro as well as Chantel's entire family are in the Philippines to attend her big brother's wedding. Royal and Angenette already married at a courthouse in the United States, but wanted to have a ceremony for her own family. But Angenette is already dismayed when she sees Chantel and her mom and sister glamorously dolled up for the wedding, all wearing long gowns.

"In our community, we are simple there," Angenette tells cameras. "We don't really afford those expensive stuff. It kind of upset me a little bit because the attention of the people should be on us, Royal and I."

Before the ceremony, Royal asks his family if they were excited and happy. And while everyone appears to be in a good mood, Royal gives them a warning given their past drama when it comes to doubting Angenette's intentions with him.

"This is not a time to bring up any kind of stuff that would take the focus off of our time and distract everybody from our wedding," he tells them. "That would be very horrible. If you do that you guys are going to have to leave, and honestly, we don't want to have to throw anybody out."

Not surprisingly, his family takes offense to this, and asks him if he even wants them there at his wedding.

Royal replies, "Yes, I want you to be there but if you guys are going to be bringing up stupid stuff and drama, you don't do that at this place. .. I don't want to have to kick you guys out."

Meanwhile, Chantel tells cameras, "It's so awkward that our family is at odds going into this wedding. It's f**ked up."

As for Pedro, he hilariously recalls their own drama-filled wedding.

"This family has problems with weddings," he notes. "They hate weddings, maybe. They want to mess up the wedding ... ours was messed up."

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. ET spoke with Pedro and Chantel ahead of the season 2 premiere of their hit 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, and they talked about what's to come. Watch the video below for more.



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