'The Family Chantel': Winter's Boyfriend Jah Calls Her Mom Karen 'a Bottom-Feeder' (Exclusive)

Things are getting heated between Chantel's family and Winter's boyfriend, Jah.

Things are getting heated on The Family Chantel. In this exclusive clip from Monday's all new episode, 90 Day Fiancé star Chantel and her family go out to dinner -- which includes her sister, Winter, and Winter's boyfriend, Jah -- and tensions quickly run high.

Chantel and her mom, Karen, already have problems with Jah, given that they uncovered last season that he had a secret child, whom he didn't tell Winter about. Still, Winter and Jah were able to work things out, though not surprisingly, the relationship Jah now has with Winter's family is extremely awkward. 

In this clip, Chantel says Jah has now convinced Winter to follow a new religion, and she can't hide that she doesn't approve. A clip is then shown of Winter saying she has an issue with posing for the annual family Christmas photo since she doesn't celebrate Christmas anymore.

"I have no problem with anybody's religion, but, it seems like he has influenced her deeply into changing the way she interacts with her family," Chantel says.

At dinner, Chantel tells the waitress that Jah and Winter need to eat kosher, but Jah interrupts her and says that that's not what they do. Chantel tells cameras that Winter is the one who told her that they eat kosher and that it's "crazy" for Winter to be following a religion she "doesn't even understand." When Chantel ask Jah what foods they can eat, he notes that they follow a "biblical diet," and Chantel replies that she doesn't believe God is going to send anyone to Hell for eating a shrimp. Karen agrees, which is when Jah tells her, "You eat like a bottom-feeder, you think like a bottom-feeder." At this point, Karen can no longer hold her tongue.

"Who you saying thinks like a bottom-feeder?" she incredulously asks him. "Wait just a damn minute. I'm the one that welcomed you into this event to teach you about my heritage, my ancestors.  ... Now, what you got to say?"

New episodes of The Family Chantel air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.