'The Garcias' Cast Reacts to Season 1 Cliffhanger and Season 2 Dreams (Exclusive)

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Where are the Garcías going? That’s the big question after the season finale of the HBO Max series, The Garcías, aired. The cast of the show -- who made their return to television 18 years after the Nickelodeon original series, The Brothers García, aired -- has no idea.  

“I would tell you if I knew. But I don't,” Bobby Gonzalez, who reprised his role as George García, tells ET’s Deidre Behar.  

“You might want to look at another Jeff [Valdez],” Jeffery Licon, who plays Carlos García, adds.  

Jeffery Valdez, the showrunner, tells ET that no one can get season two’s location out of him -- not even his wife. “You cannot torture me and get it out of me,” Valdez says. “My own wife doesn't know. Nobody knows, except me.”  

In the first season, the original García clan -- Sonia García (Ada Morris), her husband, Ray (Carlos Lacamara), and their now-grown children, Larry (Alvin Alverez), George (Bobby Gonzalez), Carlos (Jeffery Licon) and Lorena (Vaneza Pitynski), along with their respective spouses and children -- spend a beautiful summer in Mexico, connecting with each other and their roots.  

After having the experience of a lifetime, the cast says they have big hopes for a second season. “I think for Carlos, he's starting to understand his daughters and they're at a pivotal age in their lives,” Licon says of his character. “I think, just getting closer to them, and really supporting them, understanding what they like, what they're about, these little human beings, you know? I think that'd be really cool.” 

Vaneza Pitynski doesn’t want Lorena to lose her sense of comedy. “I would hope that she doesn't lose her dramatics and she figures out her work-life balance,” Pitynski says. “That's so hard for so many women, especially women in media and digital, that are faces of a network or a company. So, I hope that struggle becomes a little bit less and still hilarious getting there.” 

Gonzalez says that he hopes that tech mogul, George, finds a little more humility and some “humble flan” next time around. “I think, for season two, George needs to lose some of his power,” Gonzalez adds. “I don't want to say anything more than that. But I think George is pretty on top for season one. And I think it'd be a really interesting direction to go where maybe George isn't so much on top with things.” 

The Garcías still have more stories to tell, and another location to explore, but returning to TV with their on-screen family felt like home.

“The original show was probably one of my favorite experiences as a young child actor,” Licon tells ET. “I referenced it all the time and would think about it, and to be able to get the opportunity to relive it, and new cast members, and have a wife and two girls, now, ya know? A lot of stuff has happened in between, but as far as Carlos and George and his parents and Lorena and Larry, they still have that dynamic.” 

He adds, “They still have the core values of what their family is and what they mean to each other, and they're spreading it to the new generations now, too. When I found out that I have a wife and kids, I was so stoked. It's a difference from my actual real life, so it's just great.” 

The Garcías is now streaming on HBO Max.


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