'The Good Fight' Sneak Peek: Cheryl Hines Confronts Julius With a Ridiculous Accusation (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a first look from Thursday's episode.

Cheryl Hines is asking questions.

On Thursday's episode of The Good Fight, titled "The One Where the Sun Comes Out," Reddick Boseman & Lockhart is forced by one of their top clients, ChumHum, to bring on a specialist, attorney Brenda DeCarlo (Cheryl Hines), to look into lingering misconduct and culture allegations within the law firm.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek, it's clear Brenda has come to several less-than-ideal conclusions about the firm through her investigation. Her first target? Julius (Michael Boatman).

The first red flag Brenda brings up is the seemingly segregated workspaces at the firm. According to her, the black lawyers' desks are located in one corner of the floor, while everyone else's desks are on the other side of the bullpen. It's news to Julius, who is flabbergasted at the accusation it was intentional.

"This is a map of how the associates and the paralegals are arranged," Brenda tells Julius, showing him a coded map illustrating her point. And well, she has a point.

"Yeah, but we don't do that. We work on a hot desk system. The employee chooses their own desk," Julius defends.

"So they're choosing segregation?" Brenda inquires, trying to drive home her point. But Julius continues to maintain his stance that it's the employees' freedom of choice "where they want to sit." 

That line of questioning leads to Brenda suggesting to Julius that Marissa Gold's (Sarah Steele) recent promotion was due to the fact that he's having an affair with her, which, is as ridiculous an accusation as one can get. Julius' hilarious reaction is pretty understandable.

"People think I'm sleeping with Marissa Gold?! I'm not!" Julius exclaims, prompting Brenda to relay various instances of Julius and Marissa leaving the firm on multiple occasions. Her knowledge of their secret outings -- not so secret anymore -- comes as a surprise to Julius, who is then forced to disclose the real reason why they were seen leaving together: he's quietly running for a federal judgeship. Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek above.

New episodes of The Good Fight are available to stream Thursdays on CBS All Access, with the season three finale dropping Thursday, May 16. The first two seasons are available to stream on CBS All Access.


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