'The Great' Season 3 Trailer: Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult Go to Couples Therapy

The Great Season 3

The new season drops May 12.

The Great is less than a month away from its season 3 launch and Hulu dropped the official trailer on Wednesday to whet everyone's appetite before May 12.

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult are back as the firecracker duo, Catherine the Great and Peter III of Russia, and as the trailer tees up, all is very much not well between the married couple.

Season 3, according to Hulu, will follow the pair as they attempt to make their marriage work following many coup attempts and fights for power over their kingdom. Not only has Peter witnessed Catherine's attempt to murder him, she's also imprisoned all his supporters as she continues her reign. But despite all the distractions at hand -- fathering, hunting and "salty culinary ventures" -- it's not enough to keep Peter from being plagued by visions of his late father (Jason Isaacs), who gets in his head about failing to live up to his grandfather, Peter the Great. 

Catherine, meanwhile, starts to make a name for herself beyond her country's borders while also taking inspiration from a recent visit by a U.S. ambassador to open her doors up to the common people for ideas about how to make Mother Russia better. 


The trailer opens with Catherine and Peter attending couples therapy as they lament the "challenges" of marriage following their various bouts of betrayals and elaborate schemes against each other. As they nonchalantly rattle off a laundry list of their previous near-death experiences at each other's hands, Catherine asks the big question: "How can we trust each other?"

"Faith," they're advised, prompting Catherine and Peter to scoff at the "lame" advice. "Annoying answer," she says. 

As Catherine and Peter navigate the rocky waters of their marriage, they're forced to maintain peace on the throne. Easier said than done. Watch the chaotic season 3 trailer for The Great below.

The Great premieres Friday, May 12 on Hulu.