'The Hot Zone: Anthrax' Starring Daniel Dae Kim to Premiere Thanksgiving Weekend

The Hot Zone
National Geographic

The actor leads an all-new season of the National Geographic anthology series about real-life events.

After becoming the network’s most-watched scripted series ever, The Hot Zone is returning to National Geographic with an all-new season dubbed Anthrax. The anthology series based on real-life events shifts focus from ebola in season 1 to the second wave of terror in America -- the anthrax letters that followed the attacks on 9/11. 

Starring Daniel Dae Kim in his first lead role as FBI agent and specialist in microbiology Matthew Ryker, Tony Goldwyn as microbiologist Bruce Edwards Ivins, Harry Hamlin as Tom Brokaw and Dylan Baker as FBI agent Ed Copak, The Hot Zone recounts the events surrounding letters with anthrax powder targeting journalists and politicians and killing five people across the United States. 

The season follows Ryker (Kim) as he tracks down the killer, finding himself ensnared in an unstable web of psychological warfare. Meanwhile, Ivins (Goldwyn) is the brilliant microbiologist who becomes embroiled in the hunt. 

In addition to releasing the chilling first teaser, which gives a brief look at Kim and Goldwyn in action, National Geographic announced that the six-part series will premiere over a three-night event during Thanksgiving weekend. 

The Hot Zone: Anthrax premieres Sunday, Nov. 28 on National Geographic.