'The Last of Us' Season 2: Filming, Release Date, Cast and More

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It's official: The Last of Us will return for season 2. HBO announced the renewal on Jan. 27, two weeks after its series premiere became the streamer's second-highest debut ever, behind Game of Thrones. The season 1 finale aired on Sunday night, with many expecting the final viewership reports to shatter more records. Fans are now clamoring for what comes next. 

"It still feels surreal to me that it's going to go again," Bella Ramsey told ET of the renewal news, but added that "I don't want to go into it comparing it to the experience of the first season." 

The beloved star said The Last of Us season 1 was "the best year of my life," saying she's been most appreciative of the fans who have supported her character's LGBTQ identity (Ramsey herself identifies as non-binary, and uses any pronouns). 

"I have, it's like a gay army," Ramsey said. "That feels nice to just have that army behind me."

Ramsey also added that she's enjoyed hearing from fans of the The Last of Us video game. "I love gamers' reactions to the show," she said. "That's the thing that feels the most validating, is when gamers who are so invested in the game say, 'This is so good and it lives up to all my expectations.' That is the reaction that feels really, really cool." 

Here's everything we know about The Last of Us season 2. 

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey
Liane Hentscher/HBO

Does The Last of Us season 2 have a release date? No, HBO has not yet announced a release date for The Last of Us season 2. 

Which The Last of Us stars are returning for season 2? A small group of fans during The Last of Us season 1 predicted that show creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann would recast Bella Ramsey's character, Ellie, between the first and second seasons. In the game's first and second installments, the character ages up five years. This is highly unlikely, and HBO has never indicated plans to replace Ramsey. 

Though Ellie in season 1 is only 14, Ramsey will turn 20 this September. As such, fans now seem confident that Ramsey will be able to portray the age jump rather seamlessly (and continue leading the show with her stellar performance). 

Pedro Pascal is also expected to return as Joel for The Last of Us season 2. 

Has The Last of Us season 2 started filming? Mazin and Druckmann are currently working in pre-production for The Last of Us season 2. It is unclear when they will begin filming. Pascal told Collider in February "there is a chance" they will begin filming before the end of 2023. 

Season 1 began filming in July 2021, leaving an 18-month timeline between then and the show's premiere. 

What will The Last of Us season 2 be about? The Hollywood Reporter asserted in Jan. that the end of season 1 would align with the entirety of the first The Last of Us video game. Season 2 is expected to cover the game's sequel, The Last of Us Part II, but cannot be described without spoilers.

"Who knows what's going to happen in season 2?" Ramsey told ET. "I actually don't know... I still don't know what they're hatching up." 

In January 2023, Mazin told Collider that the game's second installment would probably "take us more than a season to tell," leaving the door open for more renewals, but both creators have made it clear they will never go beyond the narrative established by the game. 

"Our ambition is to tell the story that exists, as best as we can, in a different medium," he said. Druckmann added, "This will be as many seasons as required to reach that ending, and no more." 


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