'The Masked Singer' Sneak Peek: Ken Jeong Thinks Baby Mammoth Is Definitely an Ice Skating Icon (Exclusive)

Masked Singer

Ken Jeong appears to be taking his guessing more seriously with a new slate of costumed contestants!

Wednesday's new episode of The Masked Singer is set to introduce the final five singers that viewers have yet to see perform -- including the furry, pink-costumed Baby Mammoth.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's show, Jeong is turning the clues presented in Baby Mammoth's clue package -- which seemingly included references to ice and a second-place medal -- to inform his guess.

"I first saw the ice, and ice in the clue, she even came out to 'Ice Ice Baby,' naturally making me think of ice skating," Jeong shares, working out his reasoning out loud.

"Everybody knows: Ice, skating, damage, knees. Maybe [it's] someone like, oh I don't know, someone who placed silver in 1994? Nancy Kerrigan!" Jeong declares.

When pressed, he admits it could also possibly be Tonya Harding -- but definitely someone who's famous for being on ice.

While his fellow panelists -- including Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger -- don't seem to buy the possibility, it's far from Jeong's most outlandish suggestion.

After all, just last week he thought The Armadillo was Al Pacino, and it turned out to be Dog the Bounty Hunter. So, it would be hard to get more over-the-top with a guess than that.

Either way, fans will be able to see Baby Mammoth face off against the Frog Prince, Jack in the Box, Space Bunny and Queen Cobra as the third round of season 7's competition kicks off Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

Check out the gallery below for a look at every single contestant who has ever had to "take it off" throughout the history of the show!

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