‘The Originals’ Star Charles Michael Davis on Marcel and Rebekah's Future & Return to New Orleans (Exclusive)

The Originals Charles Michael Davis Marcel
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The actor tells ET what to expect from episode two, 'One Wrong Turn on Bourbon,' of the vampire drama.

The Originals' final season has officially kicked off and already there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

The season five premiere, “Where You Left Your Heart,” took fans right back to New Orleans, giving a brief update on what the Original family members have been up to over the past seven years. One in particular, Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt), has been living a fairy tale life with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) in New York. When viewers reconnect with the lovebirds, Marcel gets down on one knee and proposes to Rebekah, showing her two envelopes. One reads, “If you say yes,” and the other one says, “If you say no.” While it should have been an easy call, the moment quickly turned emotional when Rebekah didn’t immediately accept the stunning ring.

Ahead of episode two, “One Wrong Turn on Bourbon,” ET caught up with Charles Michael Davis to discuss Marcel’s future with "the love of all his lives" Rebekah, why it took so long for him to propose and his return to New Orleans.

"I think Marcel [had always] wanted to propose. He took note of the dress that she wanted on that day, and then there’s the house that he had built for her,” Davis tells ET over the phone. “From the beginning he said he wanted to marry her, but I think that the timing was never right. And then there’s that big gravity pull between her and her family, so I think that’s what’s taken so long.”

Marcel has waited decades for things to be right with the Mikaelsons, and while waiting for Rebekah’s response to his proposal, he tells her, “We’re either all in or done.” How much truth is there to that heavy statement?

“I think he was just emotional,” Davis says. “The words say, 'all in or done,' but I think he’s just frustrated. When you really listen to him without the words, I think that he feels like he's tried everything, and now that he's waited it out and she's hesitant, it’s his last resort. He threw that out that to see if maybe she would call his bluff or not, and I guess she did.”

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While he may not be starting his life with Rebekah as husband and wife anytime soon, Marcel, instead, decides to go back to "his mistress" New Orleans.

"For a guy who is ambitious, he needs his projects and he needs those other things to build himself up,” he stresses. “He tries to have that with Rebekah, with the relationship. So now that he doesn't have Rebekah and the relationship, he’s trying to fill that void. There is also the habit of going back to what is familiar. [He] just can’t break away and get into the real world. There’s that bit of nostalgia there, but we’ll see if New Orleans takes him back.”

As Marcel makes his way back home, viewers will see his reunion with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and the new hybrid, Henry Benoit (Nicolas Alexander).

“He will help to protect Henry, that’s for sure,” Davis says. “Marcel takes the charge to get the werewolves to give up Henry.”

“We definitely see more character interactions with Marcel and Klaus. We will see more scenes with Marcel and Josh (Steven Krueger)," he continues. "Then there is a new character that you will meet named Greta (Nadine Lexington), who will come in and stir things up a bit. And we will get to see what happens with Henry and Marcel. It’s a pretty good and exciting episode. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

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Meanwhile, as the Hollow starts to make its way back to New Orleans, Davis explains that, luckily, the evil spirit won’t directly affect him -- though he will be mindful of it.  

“It will be something that he has to take responsibility for, in a way, like shoulder some of the burden because the family can be a little bit reckless and he obviously cares about the city, just like last season,” Davis shares. “So, he’ll just try and be mindful of it with the other family members. But luckily for him, it doesn't directly affect him. He doesn't have to worry about his whereabouts, if he’s too close to the family and the other family members. It won’t affect him as drastically as the other family members.”

And speaking of the Mikaelsons, while Marcel may be frustrated that Rebekah constantly sides with her brothers and sisters, this season could see him finally embracing them.

“I think that there is a part of him that wants to be [part of the family]. But he’s coming to terms with that he's tried all the different angles and it’s enough for him to realize that he might not get the recognition and validation that he's searching for," he says, alluding that "hopefully he realizes that he is part of the family, just because he’s there. And that is something that he will express later on in this season."

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.