'The Princess' HBO Doc: Trailer Gives Eerie Look at Princess Diana's Life in the Spotlight

HBO's 'The Princess' will examine the media frenzy and the public's perception of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana’s tumultuous years in the spotlight have been captured in a new lens. On Wednesday, HBO released the first trailer for the upcoming documentary, The Princess, which will examine the media’s portrayal of the People’s Princess, from the time she was thrust into the spotlight as Prince Charles’ wife, to her time as a working royal and the aftermath of her untimely death. 

“The relationship of Diana and Charles, the Prince and Princess of Wales, was tabloid fodder for nearly two decades, the subject of almost daily headlines in the 24-hour news cycle,” the press release reads. “The Princess draws solely from contemporaneous archival audio and video footage to take audiences back to key events in Diana’s life as they happened, including their seemingly fairy-tale public courtship and wedding, the birth of their two sons, their bitter divorce, and Diana’s tragic and untimely death on Aug. 31, 1997.” 

“Intensely emotional, The Princess is a visceral submersion into Diana’s life in the constant and often intrusive glare of the media spotlight. The film unfolds as if it were in the present, allowing viewers to experience the overwhelming adoration, but also intense scrutiny of Diana’s every move and the constant judgement of her character," the description continues. "Through archival material, the film is also a reflection of society at the time, revealing the public’s own preoccupations, fears, aspirations, and desires."

In the jarring almost 3-minute trailer, footage from some of Diana’s most talk-about moments -- including her and Prince Charles’ engagement announcement, the introduction to Prince William to the world, her highly-talked about trip to India and her BBC interview -- run alongside footage of adoring fans reacting to her every move, while various news clips play in the background.  

Courtesy of HBO

The trailer ends with Prince Charles talking to a young Prince William and showing him a camcorder, as he tells him, “There are people trapped in there.”  

The Princess, which premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, will air Saturday, Aug. 13, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and will stream on HBO Max.