'The Real Housewives of Miami' Season 5 Trailer Is Here: Lisa Hochstein's Breakup Takes Center Stage

Season 5 of the Peacock original reality TV series returns Thursday, Dec. 8.

The explosive Real Housewives of Miami season 5 trailer is here, and Lisa Hochstein's marital problems are taking center stage. In the teaser, which debuted at BravoCon Sunday, Lisa sees her life change in a "blink of the eye" as she tearfully recounts her split from her husband, Dr. Lenny Hochstein, his alleged affair and more, in a flashback that takes viewers from happier times with the couple in 2012, to their unexpected breakup in May.

It's just one of many emotionally charged moments from the super-tease, which sees the return of the entire season 4 lineup, including Lisa, Guerdy AbrairaDr. Nicole MartinJulia LemigovaAlexia Echevarria and Larsa Pippen. Friends of the cast, Kiki Barth, Marysol Patton and Adriana de Mouran will also be featured again in season 5.

As for how she's doing now, Lisa told ET's Brice Sander that she's "getting better" each day.

"It was really hard at the beginning, and to have that done to me on national TV, made it that much harder," Lisa said of her split from Lenny playing out on-air in season 5. "But, I had the support of amazing friends -- Stanley and these girls, I couldn't have asked for a better support group during this time -- it's hard to even talk about, honestly."

Season 5 overall, she said, is "a lot."

"It's a lot of real raw emotions, and so much going on with the group dynamic, it's all over the place," Lisa added, while at the Bravo fan festival over the weekend. "It's really probably our best season yet."

Watch the full first look here:

Lisa and Lenny officially split in May after 12 years of marriage, with the plastic surgeon confirming the news after a video of him with another woman surfaced online. Lisa, who shares Logan, 6 and daughter Elle, 2, with Lenny, told ET she was startled by his announcement, "With two young children involved, as a mom, I’m going to focus all of my energy and time on them," her spokesperson told ET. "I'm blindsided by his behavior and reckless handling of the situation."

Marital spats seem to be the topic of discussion for season 5, with Guerdy, Alexia, Julia and Lisa's marriages all facing various tests throughout the season -- none of them bigger though, than Lisa's split from Lenny.

Luckily, she has the support of her castmates behind her, with the women not only figuratively beating up on a piñata meant to represent the Miami plastic surgeon, but literally, with Kiki telling Lisa she's ready to fight after the RHOM star makes a shocking confession about Lenny's "mistress."

"My trained dropped me, by the way, because Lenny has him training the mistress," Lisa says. "Oh hell, no," Kikki responds. "We are fighting now."

The trailer also sees the return of RHOM OG Lea Black, who gives Lisa some tough love about her marriage, throwing any hopes of reconciling with Lenny out the window.

"I know you want to make it work, I know you'd love to see you guys get back together -- that's not gonna happen," Lea sternly tells Lisa.

While Lea's return might come as a shock to viewers, Lisa told ET that Lea has been there for her -- both on and off camera -- through all the ups and downs in her and Lenny's marriage.

"Lea is one of my very close friends, I've been friends with her for over 10 years. She's always had my back, the first go round, when I had this thing happen to me 10 years ago, she was there," Lisa shared, referencing the "emotional affair" Lenny had with another woman after RHOM season 3 wrapped, adding, "And now, that it's happening again, Lea is also there."

"She's been such an amazing person, support, friend in my life and has really helped me through some dark dark times," she continued. "So, you'll just have to wait and see."

Larsa and Alexia also shared their reactions to the trailer at BravoCon, with Larsa teasing a lot of "breakups" to come in season 5.

"I mean I do feel like a lot of relationships, it's a lot of breakups, but it's basically about how you handle it, and I just feel bad that their breakup was so toxic at the end," Larsa said of Lisa and Lenny's split. "So, you know different relationships are hard. When you break up people are hurt."

She added, "It's dark, it's not happy, but I do feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and I keep reminding Lisa that."

As for newlywed Alexia, she said season 5 is one filled with plenty of "highs and lows."

"All of us have a different story, a different journey, and as friends, I think it's brought us closer together as a group," Alexia shared. "And I love that, because I feel like women need to keep on supporting each other, being there for each other."

She continued, "In Lisa's case, she has a very compelling story. I'm her friend, so, it's kind of like, I live it with her. 'Cause I'm like that friend. My friend's going through it, like I wanna kill her husband, and Todd's like, 'You're not married to the guy, why do you feel that way?' And I'm like, 'Because I do.' When you're my friend, I love you, I got you."

"It was very emotional and disappointing for me as well," Alexia added of Lisa's turbulent breakup. 

The Real Housewives of Miami season 5 premieres Thursday, Dec. 8 on Peacock, with four episodes streaming right away. New episodes will debut every Thursday thereafter