'The Republic of Sarah': Here's the Official Poster for the CW's Summer Drama (Exclusive)

The Republic of Sarah
The CW

Stella Baker and Luke Mitchell star in the upcoming series.

The CW is betting on The Republic of Sarah.

Set in Greylock, New Hampshire, the upcoming hour-long series follows the small town as it grapples with the aftermath after a valuable mineral resource is discovered under the land. When a major mining company comes into town with intentions of acquiring the hot commodity, rebellious high school teacher Sarah Cooper (Stella Baker) comes up with an unconventional plan to help save their home. After learning that Greylock was never properly claimed by the United States, Sarah and her friends face their biggest challenge yet: how to run their own nation and protect their land.

ET exclusively premieres the official poster for The CW's summer drama, which features the main cast proudly with the catchy tagline, "In us we trust."

The CW

Created by Jeffrey Paul King, The Republic of Sarah also stars Megan Follows, Luke Mitchell, Izabella Alvarez, Ian Duff, Hope Lauren, Nia Holloway, Landry Bender and Forrest Goodluck. 

"In a Hollywood landscape flooded with reboots, sequels, prequels and spinoffs, The Republic of Sarah is truly original. Our show offers all the fun, soapy, emotional storytelling that you’d expect from a CW series... along with the most unique premise on network TV," King exclusively tells ET. "The show’s build-your-own-country narrative asks timely questions about national identity, representation and government that will have our viewers engaged in gleeful debate after every episode. At its core, The Republic of Sarah is a relatable underdog tale that revels in the power of everyday people working together to accomplish the astonishing.

The Republic of Sarah debuts Monday, June 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. 

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