'The Resident' Season 5 First Look: Devon Asks Leela to Move in With Him (Exclusive)

The Resident

The new season, which will be the first without Emily Van Camp, kicks off Sept. 21.

Are Devon and Leela taking the next step in their relationship?

The Resident gets ready to scrub in for season 5, which will be the first without Emily Van Camp, and ET debuts the exclusive sneak peek from the premiere, titled "Da Da."

The season picks up when an attack by cyber criminals sends the Chastain ER into a tailspin and Kitt (Jane Leeves) tries to figure out whether or not to pay the ransom. The Raptor (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) deals with a personal connection to the patients brought into the ER during the attack, leaving them all vulnerable. Meanwhile, Conrad (Matt Czuchry) works on balancing life as a new dad, and Devon (Manish Dayal) and Leela (Anuja Joshi) debate taking the next step in their relationship.

In the clip, Devon and Leela can't keep their hands off each other in the hospital elevator the day after Devon cooked her a fancy birthday feast. But just as the elevator bell dings, the couple tidy themselves up and exit the elevator as if they weren't just having a passionate, very NSFW make-out session.

"So how about you stay at my place tonight? That's two full nights in a row," Devon proposes.

When Leela balks, he brings up the fact that everyone pretty much knows abut their extracurricular activities. "I don't want to be looked at that way at work," Leela says, prompting Devon to ask, "What way?" 

"Like the girlfriend," she replies. Thankfully, Devon understands exactly where she's coming from. But Leela caves and agrees to stay over at his place again. 

Devon, however, has his eye on a much bigger goal. "I mean, moving in together," he says. "Enough of this back and forth." Leela says she values her independence, but Devon argues that they'd be better served pooling their money together so they can look for "something special." "I can wake up to you every single day," he romantically says.

Just as Leela's about to give her answer, reality hits them like a ton of bricks when they're briefed on the latest incoming emergency. Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek from the premiere below.

The Resident's upcoming season will see several key changes in front of and behind the camera, following Van Camp's surprise departure and Morris Chestnut's abbreviated presence due to his transition to Fox's new soap, Our Kind of People. Co-showrunner Peter Elkoff spoke with ET in May, where he hinted at significant changes for the doctors at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital in season 5.

"When our audience tunes in to the premiere episode, there will be lots of surprises and a couple of 'Oh my god' moments. Those will significantly determine the nature of the season," Elkoff said at the time. "We're excited by the fact that we also get to come back after a 14-episode season and make 23 episodes. We have some terrific new characters and we have a great platform for the season that we can't wait to deliver to the audience."

The Resident returns Tuesday, Sept. 21 on Fox. For more, watch below.

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