'The Sinner': First Look at the Haunting Season 2 Poster (Exclusive)

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A new mystery awaits The Sinner. 

The sophomore season brings Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) back to his hometown in rural New York to investigate a new crime: parents murdered by their 11-year-old son, Julian (Elisha Henig), with no apparent motive. Carrie Coon plays Vera, a formidable and mysterious woman at the center of the new mystery.

ET exclusively premieres the first look at the eerie season two poster, featuring the ominous tagline, "The sins of a child are never his alone."

The new key art features Julian, dressed in a white tee and denim jeans, with a spine-chilling expression on his face as he holds a white flower amid a cluster of blooming buds. Considering everything is a clue on The Sinner, it's a pretty safe bet the floral imagery plays a significant part in the new installment. 

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Recently, Pullman previewed the upcoming chapter of The Sinnertelling ET that it will feel drastically different.

“There’s a different energy, because Cora was frequently in a lost place or a devastated place. It was so wrenching for her to [be] constantly disappointing, hurting people and the anguish she lived in for so much of it, whereas Carrie’s character brings another dynamic in that she is a strong woman in her community as a leader,” Pullman said. “She has a confidence and a great ability to lead and understand the world around her. She’s like the exact opposite kind of female [character] when the story begins.”

The Sinner also stars Natalie Paul, Hannah Gross and Tracy Letts. Showrunner Derek Simonds executive produces alongside Jessica Biel, Charlie Gogolak, Michelle Purple, Brad Winters and John Coles.

The Sinner returns Wednesday, Aug. 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.


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