'The Sky Is Everywhere' Stars Grace Kaufman and Jacques Colimon on Adapting the Beloved YA Novel (Exclusive)

ET debuts an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming Apple TV+ movie.

When it came to adapting Jandy Nelson's beloved YA novel, The Sky Is Everywhere, stars Grace Kaufman and Jacques Colimon knew they had a tall task at hand.

"I just felt the most honored that I was chosen to play a role that meant so much to me," Kaufman says of being cast as protagonist Lennie Walker in ET's exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming film. "And then I started crying."

"Like, ugly crying?" teases Colimon, who plays Joe Fontaine, a newcomer to town who meets Lennie and her family during a difficult time.

"The ugliest that it gets," Kaufman replies.

The Sky Is Everywhere begins with Lennie and her family -- Gram Walker (Cherry Jones) and Uncle Big (Jason Segel) -- in mourning, following the sudden death of her older sister, Bailey. 

"After she loses Bailey, she finds it really hard to pursue the things that she's passionate about," Kaufman says of her character. "It's really challenging for her to find that momentum."

Lennie finds a friend in Joe, who shares her love for music and is an instant hit with her family, helping them all to start moving past their grief. However, their relationship is complicated by Lennie's feelings for Bailey's fiancé, Toby (Pico Alexander). Check out the full Q&A in the video above!

The Sky Is Everywhere is available in select theaters and on Apple TV+ on Friday, Feb. 11.