The Truth Behind That Viral Mark McGrath Video of Him Helping a Fan Break Up With a Boyfriend

Mark McGrath attends the Goodwill of Orange County Gala at Ritz-Carlton Laguna Nigel on November 5, 2016 in Dana Point, California.
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Looks like the amazing video of Mark McGrath helping a fan break up with a boyfriend on Cameo is a little too good to be true.

A video recently started circulating of the 51-year-old Sugar Ray singer speaking to a man named Brayden on behalf of a woman named Cheyenne through the website Cameo, which lets fans buy a personalized video message from a celebrity for a certain price. In the cringeworthy but hilarious video that went viral, McGrath shows some empathy for Cheyenne's soon to be ex-boyfriend, who is apparently in the middle of working on his thesis while getting the bad news.

"This is a little difficult for me to say 'cause it's the first one of these I've done but [Cheyenne] wants you to know that you mean a lot to her -- you mean the world to her -- but she’s having difficulty staying in this long-distance relationship," he says. "You know, it's tough."

"And she wants you to know, good luck on your thesis coming up -- probably not the best timing, Cheyenne, when he's doing his thesis, but I understand -- you know, you gotta work on your thesis and life goes on," he continues.

Despite the bad news, McGrath is upbeat and positive throughout the breakup video, and even thanks Brayden for being a Sugar Ray fan.

"She knows that you're a fan of the band Sugar Ray, which, I'm honored," he says. "Wish I was delivering you good news."

The drama continued, however, when Anthony Scaramucci also addressed Brayden and Cheyenne's breakup through a Cameo video.

"Brayden, Cheyenne means the world to you but she can not stay in this long-distance relationship and she wants you to know that you're always going to be friends and wishes you unbelievably good luck on your thesis," Scaramucci says.

On Monday, a Twitter user named @SeanAppalled -- who posted the videos of McGrath and Scaramucci on Nov. 16 before they blew up on social media -- took credit for the videos, and called it a "joke."Rolling Stone also reported that @SeanAppalled shared screenshots of his receipts from Cameo with them, showing that he ordered the videos on Nov. 10 and 12.

"As viral as my joke is going I don't think i gained a single follower over this," he tweeted. "I shoulda hired criss angel."

McGrath has also said he thought the breakup news was a joke. On Monday, he responded to a Twitter user who praised his video, writing, "You’re very sweet Sarah, but I just decided to roll with what I thought was a pretty obvious joke!"

He later responded to another tweet praising his breakup video, writing, "Also doing real ones for the holidays my brother! ? @BookCameo."

For more on how celebrity shout-out service Cameo actually works, watch the video below:


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