'The Voice': Nick Jonas Blocks Kelly Clarkson on Her Own Song!

The newest 'Voice' coach isn't messing around!

Tuesday's blind auditions on The Voice started off with a big power move from Nick Jonas.

When aspiring songstress Arei Moon took the stage, she came out swinging for the fences with a powerful rendition of coach Kelly Clarkson's live tour version of "Miss Independent," and it was clear from the first few notes that her voice was something special.

After just a moment, Jonas slammed his button and turned his red chair, looking on in awe as Moon belted out the stunning tune.

It wasn't long before an impressed Clarkson turned her chair around -- and it was revealed that Jonas had used his one and only block on the singer and talk show host to keep her from claiming Moon for her team.

While "Blocked" was spelled out in big red letters on the floor in front of her, Clarkson was so wrapped up in the performance that she didn't even see she'd been blocked until the song was over and she stood up to applaud.

Her cheers instantly turned to shock as Clarkson pointed in anger and disbelief at Jonas, who sheepishly avoided eye contact.

"I didn't even notice until the end! That was wrong, Jonas! That was wrong!" Clarkson exclaimed. "That was my tour version!"

"The new guy knows how to use his block," John Legend added with a laugh. "He effectively used his block on the woman who made that song a big hit."

"I wrote the song! That's wrong," Clarkson said, adding to Moon, "I guess that's how much he wanted you."

"I'm willing to burn a bridge to get you," Jonas said. "I'm excited to see what inspires you. Because I feel like you're the kind of vocalist whose real life has a major impact on the way you perform on stage."

Backstage, Moon was still in shock over the development, and couldn't believe how far Jonas was willing to go to get her on his team.

"The fact that Nick used his only block on me is surreal, and it's crazy," Moon marveled. "I'm very flattered."

Meanwhile, Jonas reveled in his bold game strategy, and even snapped a pic of Kelly and her "Blocked" status for his Instagram story.

"Good move, I think I'm gonna like you, Nick," Blake Shelton gleefully said after everything played out.

Later in the episode, Jonas poked fun at the block once more after a particularly impressive songstress wowed the coaches, and Jonas said she had the kind of voice that he would love to write songs for.

When Clarkson asked why he never wanted to write songs for her, Jonas shot back, "I think I've submitted songs for you that you've turned down."

"That's why I blocked you," he added with a laugh.

Now, Moon will move on as part of Team Nick, while the coaches continue to build their crews before the next round of competition.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. Check out the video below for more on this season's new coach.