'The Voice' Sneak Peek: Watch New Coach Nick Jonas Get Blocked in Season 18's First Blind Audition!

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Evans Vestal Ward/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Nick Jonas had to know that the coaches on The Voice weren't going to welcome him to season 18 without a little light hazing.

In a sneak peek at next week's season premiere, fans get a look at the first four-chair turn of the season -- and the first block!

Nelson Cade III instantly wows all four of the coaches with his cover of Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy," but when Jonas turns -- following John Legend and Kelly Clarkson, but before Blake Shelton -- he sees that ominous red "BLOCKED" in front of his chair.

"Nick, did you turn for him?" Legend asks, playing coy. "Oh, what happened?"

"You know, we're gonna talk later, John," Jonas laughs. "We'll talk about this outside." As the performer continues to lament that he can't fight for Cade to be on his team, Legend breaks out the teasing big guns, crooning a bit of Jonas' solo hit, "Jealous." 

Check out the hilarious moment in the audition video below.

In what's sure to become a running gag during this season's auditions, Jonas also reads from his notepad, where he scribbled the words "star" and "wow."

"So you could remember?" Shelton teases. "I hope I don't forget this: 'star.'"

Once they're done mocking the new guy, the remaining coaches get down to business trying to convince Cade to join their teams. Legend praises the versatility of his voice, noting that he's got a raspy, blues quality but could also sing Stevie Wonder songs. 

Clarkson can't handle the name-dropping when Legend adds, "Stevie's a very good friend of mine," and makes her pitch to Cade on another level.

"Everybody's talented, generally, on this show," she explains. "Your personality, that's gonna beam through. Please be you, and don't try to be anyone else."

After Shelton shoots his shot -- telling Cade, "You're gonna have a hell of a run on this thing, man. I'd be proud to be your coach." -- it's time to decide. But you'll have to tune in Monday night to find out who Cade picks!

In ET's exclusive sneak peek at season 18, Jonas explained that he was coming at his first season on the singing competition show with a unique strategy.

"All of the coaches have their pitch tactics locked in," he noted. "What seems to be working for me is talking to the artist as a teammate and not as a coach... I'm saying, let's work on this together."

The "Sucker" singer added that the technique is one he learned from years of performing with brothers Joe and Kevin. "We don't view each other as coaches or any kind of alpha situation," he says to a potential team member during the audition rounds. 

The Voice returns for season 18 on Monday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC. See more from the upcoming season in the video below!


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