'The Whale' Trailer: See Brendan Fraser Exude Optimism in the Face of Despair

The production company A24 dropped the first trailer starring Fraser.

The first trailer for Brendan Fraser's The Whale is here, and it's full of suspense.

The film's production company, A24, dropped the trailer Tuesday, and the one-minute, three-second video begins ominously with a glimpse of Fraser's character's bleak point of view. As ocean waves crashing can be heard in the background, a climatic track plays in the background before ultimately crescendoing to show Fraser's big reveal -- sitting on a barker lounge chair while staring out the window.

"Do you ever get the feeling people are incapable of not caring?" asks Fraser as scenes showing Sadie Sink and Hong Chau are spliced together and both shown shedding tears. Fraser -- in a stunning show of optimism despite looking pale, sweating and needing the help of a breathing tube -- then exclaims, "People are amazing."

The film, set for release on Dec. 9, marks Fraser's first leading role in nearly a decade as a 600-pound reclusive writing teacher named Charlie, whose health is in life-threatening decline.

The trailer comes nearly four months after A24 shared a first look at Fraser's remarkable physical transformation. Starring alongside Stranger Things' Sink, Fraser is also struggling to reconnect with his teenage daughter.

Fraser, whose stunning portrayal has created an audible Oscars buzz, got a whopping six-minute standing ovation after the film's premiere at the 2022 Venice Film Festival. Fraser was moved to tears during the ovation, with video showing the 53-year-old actor trying to leave but ultimately staying when the crowd prolonged the roaring ovation.