'The White Lotus' Season Finale: Fans React to That Death Reveal

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

That death has finally been revealed on The White Lotus, and fans have some thoughts. The show's season one finale (that's right -- there'll be a season 2!) aired Sunday night on HBO, and unveiled the answer to the mystery teased in the very first episode. 

Viewers knew from the beginning of the Mike White-helmed series that someone had been killed at the resort -- and that it wasn't Shane (Jake Lacy), since he's the one who broke the news about the body. Sunday night's finale, titled "Departures," confirmed Shane was involved, however. In fact, he's the killer. 

Over the course of the series, fans watched Shane and the hotel's general manager, Armond (Murray Bartlett), go head-to-head, with Shane becoming more and more entitled and Armond spiraling out of control. At the height of this loss of control, Armond went No. 2 in Shane's suitcase, and Shane responded by stabbing him in the stomach. 

The tension between Shane and Armond had been the central focus of the series, so as fans noted on Twitter, the ending wasn't exactly a surprise. Still, it left viewers conflicted. 

"When the show about rich people getting whatever they want ended with the rich people being happy and perfectly fine regardless of what they did #whitelotus," one user tweeted.

"I loved the #WhiteLotus finale," another wrote. "Those of you who hated it weren’t paying attention because tonally, it was perfect. Satire and biting social criticism usually don’t come with happy endings. #TheWhiteLotus." 

But of course everyone agreed on Jennifer Coolidge being a highlight. 

HBO announced on Tuesday that The White Lotus would be back for a second season. The series will leave Hawaii behind to follow a different group of vacationers visiting “another White Lotus property," where they will “settle in temporarily amongst its inhabitants."

See more on The White Lotus in the video below. 


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