The Wiggles' John Pearce Reacts to Internet Dubbing Him a 'Sex Symbol' (Exclusive)

The Purple Wiggle has some feelings about some of his newfound fandom.

John Pearce is one of the newest members of the Australian children's entertainment group The Wiggles, but he's already bringing some new viewers into the show's fandom. Specifically, viewers who had been out of the Wiggles' usual demo of toddlers and preschoolers.

Pearce -- the gang's new Purple Wiggle -- has drawn the unexpected attention of, to put it lightly, thirsty adults, who find the young Australia's Got Talent winner particularly attractive.

Speaking with ET's Cassie DiLaura via video chat from Australia this week, Pearce opened up about the newfound attention as an unwitting internet hunk and how he's just looking to bring people joy.

"I'm just making fun, quirky content that I enjoy and the people around me enjoy, and just keeping it Wiggly, keeping it myself," he shared.

"I never try to read the comments... But you couldn't avoid this one," Pearce said of the surprise popularity. "I was getting messages from friends and family. I was getting articles sent to me, left right and center. [But] it's all been positive and it's just about bringing happiness to people around the world."

Pearce said the videos the group had posted to TikTok started getting some attention around Halloween, with a video they shared that was meant for "entertaining children."

"And obviously it's entertained a lot more than what we expected," he added with a laugh. "It kind of escalated from there and now I'm talking to you guys... it's really crazy."

"It's about bringing joy and entertainment and education to young children," he added of the newfound attention, adding that the "supportive" response is coming from "the parents of the children. And if we're entertaining the whole family, then whatever that is, it will be. I think it's all positive at the end of the day, and it's just the first introduction."

Pearce is actually one of the first members of The Wiggles to have visible tattoos as well, he says that the things that make him different are what make him such a good fit for the group.

"It's all about acceptance. You know, everyone's a bit different. So I think with having tattoos and being fit and healthy and all that sort of stuff, it is a positive thing," he said, 'and [it shows and reflects how] our society is evolving and changing."

While the band has found huge success over the years in Australia, they haven't been on a U.S. tour in some time. However, they will be coming to America in the fall, and Pearce couldn't be more excited.

"The Wiggles haven't really had a chance to head over and I'm still the new guy over here. Touring with the Wiggles, I'm still the new guy here," he said. "Touring with The Wiggles in the U.S., it's just going to mean bigger and better things. So I'm super excited to meet all new fans and new families."