There's a Mini 'The Office' Reunion in Paul Lieberstein's New Movie, 'Song of Back and Neck' (Exclusive)

ET has a first look at the chronic pain dramedy, starring Rosemarie DeWitt, Clark Duke and Paul Feig.

Who knows if The Office will ever be rebooted, so in the meantime, take solace in seeing two of Dunder Mifflin's finest share the screen together: Paul Lieberstein and Clark Duke star in the former's feature directorial debut, Song of Back and Neck, and ET has the exclusive trailer. Inspired by Lieberstein's struggle with chronic pain, the comedy centers on Fred (Lieberstein), whose life is changed when he meets a beautiful woman, Regan (Rosemarie DeWitt), and her acupuncturist and begins to find relief for his pain and loneliness. 

"To change the way one thinks, deep in mid-life when it's widely assumed to be near impossible, is remarkable," Lieberstein tells ET. "For me, rethinking pain triggered rethinking anger and relationships and how to be in the world -- it all added up to such a mind-blowing cure that I had to make a movie just to get myself to shut up about it."

Song of Back and Neck, which also features appearances from Paul Feig and Ike Barinholtz, is in theaters on Nov. 30 and available digitally and on VOD on Dec. 4.