'This Is Us' Reveals Who Nicky Is Married to in the Future

Another mini mystery solved.

Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Tuesday's episode of This Is Us.

Another mini mystery has been solved on This Is Us.

On Tuesday's episode, "One Giant Leap," a question that has lingered in the minds of viewers for nearly two years was finally answered: Who is Nicky married to in the not-so-distant future? While theories have run the gamut ever since it was revealed in the season 4 finale that Nicky is wearing a wedding ring as he sat next to Rebecca's bed in the flash-forward, the latest installment in the NBC drama's final season put all the speculation to rest.

It's not Rebecca he's married to nor is it Cassidy nor is he wearing Jack's wedding ring because Rebecca believes he's her late husband. Nicky, it's revealed in the final moments of the episode, is happily married to Edie, the flight attendant meets on the plane right home and with whom he has a delightfully flirtatious encounter, following a failed trip to rekindle something with his old flame, Sally. 

In the flash-forward, an older Randall announces the arrival of a mysterious guest who has just pulled into the driveway. "Look who's here," Randall says as he and a grown-up Deja watch their guest walk up the steps to the front door. 

"How's your mom doing?" the woman asks Randall. 

"They say it won't be long now," Randall shares as he embraces her in a deep hug. "Everyone's just trying to get here in time." A beat passes before Randall thanks her for coming all this way. "Thanks for coming, Edie." She and Deja also share a sweet moment before Nicky makes his way outside.


It's at that moment it cuts to Nicky and Edie's first meeting on the plane, when he cheekily gives her a hard time about his seat not being in the right position for landing. But she proves during their brief encounter that she can handle his wit just fine. 

In the future, Edie and Nicky share a sweet kiss as they reunite. "I missed you," Edie says, prompting Nicky to make a loving declaration in return. "I missed you more."

Mystery solved!

"The show has always been challenging because it plays with time, and we always knew that season 6 would be ambitious in terms of the way it jumps time -- even more ambitious than other seasons. Because our audience has been so devoted and we've hopefully smartly set up the contained areas where these future timelines live, I think you're going to have a real sense of resolution and completion from this family," creator Dan Fogelman said following the season 5 finale in May 2021. "It's where the mixed up VHS tapes of this family will all coalesce and speak to one another in completion.

"We have been working tirelessly to set up a rewarding final season to make all the pieces fit together," he promised. "We know what we owe. We know what our plan is, and that's been part of the great benefit from the very beginning... [Knowing] our endgame, it has allowed for us to build for what we hope will be a very rewarding final season."

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. For more, watch below.

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