'This Is Us' Series Finale: Fans React to Emotional Ending

The beloved NBC drama aired its series finale Tuesday night.

Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Tuesday's series finale of This Is Us.

This is it. This is the end. This Is Us said goodbye to the Pearsons (and us) on the emotional series finale -- and the tears were definitely flowing.

The very last episode of NBC's award-winning drama had the tall task of closing the loop on the TV family we've all come to adore, while celebrating Rebecca's life and looking ahead to the future. Simply titled "Us," the final hour was split among two periods of the Pearsons' lives -- a lazy weekend with Jack, Rebecca and a young Big Three and the day of Rebecca's memorial service.

Saying goodbye to the long-running NBC drama seemed to be what was hardest for fans, when they took to Twitter to bid farewell to the series after six seasons.

"I am not okay #thisisus," one person wrote of the series finale.

"How are we going to not have you guys in our homes every week :(. Miss you already…..," another user tweeted.

"My heart! This reunion is the perfect bow to their story #thisisus," another user wrote of Jack and Rebecca's reunion.

One user called the finale "needed" after a tragic school shooting in Texas left 19 students and 3 adults dead.

"I needed this after the events of the day. Thank you for giving us Beth…showed again on this episode why she is just the greatest," the viewer tweeted.

Some fans were split on the series' bittersweet sendoff, wondering if they missed something along the way.

"#ThisIsUs so disappointed.  Maybe I missed something … I didn’t get anything out of it.  Ugggg," one viewer tweeted, while another wrote, "This replay of pasted-together cuts from past episodes was the worst series finale I’ve ever seen. Last week’s episode would have been a far better 'This Is Us' finale.

One thing they could all agree on, is how much love they have for This Is Us and the Pearson family.

ET spoke to the cast on Sunday, where Mandy Moore called the finale "poetic" and more uplifting than one might expect

"It's a bit more of a hug. There’s some joy and levity that maybe haven’t been as present for the last couple of episodes," she said of the swan song. "I hope it makes [viewers] feel good. I hope that it inspires them to be the best version of themselves and I think that’s what our show always inspired to be -- a template for how to live life to the fullest."

See more on This Is Us in the video below.