This Theory About Why Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby Stormi Will Blow Your Mind

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Kylie Jenner and her newborn baby girl, Stormi, are feeling the love!

The 20-year-old reality star, who gave birth to her first child with Travis Scott last week, has already been showered with plenty of gifts from her famous family, but the presents keep rolling in. The lip kit maven took to Snapchat on Wednesday, giving fans a glimpse of her latest round of floral arrangements from her closest pals.

One friend gave her beautiful roses spelling out her little one's name, with others presenting flowers shaped like a giant butterfly and Hello Kitty.


Before Kylie announced the name of her daughter, fans were speculating that she may name the little bundle of joy Butterfly after digging up clues from her and Travis' social media accounts. A few fans actually guessed the name Stormi (but spelled Stormy or Stormie), and if their theory behind the inspiration turns out to be correct, we have to admit, we'll be very impressed.

Over the past nine months, Kylie has seemingly taken an intense liking to butterflies. In her announcement video, she rocked a butterfly necklace and even decorated Stormi's nursery with images of the brightly colored insects. On May 15, 2017, Travis released the song "Butterfly Effect," which would have been around the same time they discovered they were expecting a child together.

Well, in chaos theory, the butterfly effect is "the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state," such as a tornado, or, get this... STORM!  By definition, the term is derived from "the metaphorical example of the details of a tornado (the exact time of formation, the exact path taken) being influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier."

Here's just a few of the fans whose predictions were on point:

ET chatted with La La Anthony, a longtime friend of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, on the red carpet at the amfAR Gala New York at Cipriani Wall Street on Wednesday, where she couldn't stop gushing over the new mom.

"The picture [Kylie posted] was absolutely gorgeous!" she said. "The baby's name is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy for all of them. It's just an amazing time for the family, I'm happy for all of them."

Hear more in the video below!


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