T.I. and Tiny Deny Claims of Sexual Assault, Battery and False Imprisonment in New Lawsuit

T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Harris
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The couple have been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in LA in 2005.

T.I. and wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris have spoken out to staunchly deny sexual assault and battery claims made in a recently filed lawsuit.

According to a lawsuit filed on Jan. 2, a woman identified as Jane Doe is accusing the entertainers of sexual battery, battery, sexual assault, negligence, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, in relation to an alleged incident in 2005.

"On the heels of positivity, negativity always rears its ugly head," the couple said in a statement to ET on Wednesday. "This plaintiff has been threatening to file this lawsuit for THREE years."

"For THREE years, we have emphatically and categorically denied these allegations. For THREE years we have maintained our innocence and refused to pay these extortionate demands for things we didn’t do," the statement continued. "For THREE years, we’ve maintained the same position while the claims in this story have changed time and time again."

"Our position is clear... We are innocent of these fake claims, we will not be shaken down, and we look forward to our day in court," the statement concluded.

In court documents obtained by ET, the lawsuit claims that Jane Doe and a friend went to an unnamed nightclub somewhere in Los Angeles in 2005, where T.I. and Tiny were present, and had a V.I.P. section to themselves.

Jane Doe claims that she and her friend were escorted to the V.I.P. section, and alleges that Tiny gave her a drink that had been spiked with drugs. Later in the evening, Jane Doe alleges that she was driven to a hotel room with Tiny and T.I. as well as two other women, although she says the other women were told to leave.

Jane Doe claims that she began to feel dizzy and lightheaded as she was was allegedly undressed and ordered to get into the shower by a nude T.I. and Tiny. Jane Doe was then allegedly directed to get into the bed with T.I. and says she felt like she was "experiencing something serious and debilitating that was not a symptom of a typical drink or few drinks."

The lawsuit claims that T.I. turned on a porn movie as Tiny began to rub massage oil on her back and grind on her body. She alleges that T.I. penetrated her with his toe, to which she told them "No," and began to feel sick. Jane Doe says she went to the bathroom to vomit, and claims T.I. mocked her for feeling sick.

She alleges that she passed out and woke up the next morning, at which point her "vagina was in serious pain," and she was instructed to leave the hotel by a security guard.

The lawsuit was filed under California's Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act, which gave people a window of opportunity to filed lawsuits related to alleged incidents that would otherwise fall outside the statute of limitations.

However, that window closed on Dec. 31. With this lawsuit filed on Jan. 2, it's unclear if it qualifying for consideration under the act.

Tiny and T.I. were previously investigated by the LAPD for similar claims in May 2021 -- though its unknown if they came from the same accuser. However, a Los Angeles judge declined to hear a case against the couple in September 2021, citing the expiration of the statute of limitations.