Tia Mowry Says 'Sister, Sister' Reboot Is 'Closer Than Ever': 'I'm Getting Excited' (Exclusive)

The 39-year-old actress dished to ET on the potential return of her '90s show.

A Sister, Sister reboot is closer than ever!

Tia Mowry sat down with ET's Denny Directo in our Burbank studio on Friday, where the conversation quickly turned to her hit '90s comedy series that also starred her twin sister, Tamara, and if a revival is in the works.

"I will say this, we are definitely closer than ever," the 39-year-old actress shared. "That's basically all I can say. But I'm getting excited."

So will the rest of the original cast be returning for the potential reboot?

"Yes. As I know of now, definitely Jackee Harry and Tim Reid will definitely be part of the show," Mowry revealed. 

While she couldn't say much about what fans could expect, Mowry did share how she envisions the show to be 18 years after it aired its series finale.

"I think I would want it to pick up with where our lives are now. We're married with kids," Mowry said. "But I definitely would want it to focus on the power of sisterhood. How wonderful and amazing that sisterhood and that relationship can be. How it helps you in whatever trial and tribulations you are in. When you have the sisterhood and that bond, that is so beautiful."

For now, Mowry is focusing on her new YouTube channel, Quick Fix, where the actress shares weekly uploads that will help you solve life’s little dilemmas, give you quick ideas for a weeknight meal, beauty tips and more. 

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