'Tiger King 2' Trailer Shows More Big Cats and Bigger Drama

Just when you thought you've seen it all.

Get ready for more Tiger King. The first trailer for Tiger King 2 dropped on Wednesday -- a follow-up to the massive 2020 Netflix hit -- and features even wilder storylines.

Tiger King 2 has Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe and more dealing with the sudden fame brought on from the Netflix documentary, as well as the unwanted attention from the authorities who turn up the heat and unearth some stunning revelations.

"Tiger King changed our lives overnight," Lowe says. "We have more money than God right now."

Lowe and his wife, Lauren, are then shown with lots of bling and engaging in what appears to be a threesome with another woman. From prison, Joe Exotic notes, "Jeff and Lauren are like two rabid dogs in a goldfish bowl."

Meanwhile, the saga of what happened to Baskin's missing husband, Don Lewis, continues. The documentary notes that he was "dealing with some shady characters in Costa Rica."

And it also appears that longtime enemies Exotic and Baskin might put their differences aside.

"If I have to make a deal with the devil, I will make a deal with the devil," Exotic says.

Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is currently serving a 22-year sentence for the 2017 murder-for-hire plot to kill Baskin as well as for multiple violations of wildlife laws. In April, ET got an interview with Exotic inside the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Exotic said he would accept Baskin's offer to help reduce his prison sentence if he supported the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

Tiger King 2 will have five episodes and starts streaming on Netflix on Nov. 17.


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