TikTok Star Ophelia Nichols on Suspect Arrested in Son's Murder: 'Grateful, but Not Happy'

Nichols' son was killed one day before his 19th birthday in Alabama.

TikTok star Ophelia Nichols is speaking out after learning that a 20-year-old suspect allegedly connected to her 18-year-old son's murder has been arrested.

Nichols -- known to her millions of followers by her handle @shoelover99 -- posted a TikTok video on Friday and said she's "Grateful, but not happy" after Reuben Gulley turned himself in Thursday on a murder charge in Prichard, Alabama. According to WALA-TV, Gulley surrendered to Mobile County Metro Jail following an Aug. 4 murder warrant being issued.

According to the news outlet, it's unclear to investigators if Gulley was the shooter or the getaway driver. Cops had been searching for two suspects in connection to Randon Lee's June 25 murder. Gulley's bond request was denied Friday and he's set to be arraigned Tuesday.

Following the arrest, Nichols said she was flooded with hundreds of messages saying, "You must be so happy right now." But she's not, she added.

"When I seen that mug shot last night, I thought to myself, 'My goodness, he's just a baby," Nichols said. "... within 11 seconds, he made the decision to just throw his life away."

Nichols urged fans to remember she's not the only one reeling from the devastating loss.

"So remember this, there's now two families that are hurting, there's two of us," she said. "And those parents shouldn't suffer for something that their child did, just as well as I shouldn't suffer for anything that my children have done."

Authorities said Randon was shot while trying to sell marijuana to the two suspects in question. Cops added that Randon knew the suspects, but it's unclear what went wrong that resulted in Randon being shot and killed at the gas station where they met.

Randon, who suffered a fatal single gunshot wound, was killed one day before his 19th birthday.