'Timeless' Deleted Scene Reveals Lucy and Wyatt's First Kiss Actually Happened Sooner


The writers of the NBC time-travel drama released a never-before-seen moment as its fate remains up in the air -- and it's steamy!

The fate of Timeless may be up in the air, but there's still reason to celebrate!

On Thursday evening, the writers of NBC's time-travel drama released a deleted scene from the sophomore season's third episode, "Hollywoodland," revealing that Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Wyatt's (Matt Lanter) first kiss -- which took place later in the same hour -- actually could have happened much sooner.

The scene begins with Wyatt telling Lucy that she "saved [his] life," Lucy jokingly listing off the times she actually has (see: the Alamo, etc.) and connecting on a romantic level poolside, which viewers saw when the episode aired March 25. While the aired episode quickly transitioned to the pair entering the bedroom, the never-before-seen footage actually reveals that a lot more went down by the pool.

In the previously unseen moment, Lucy adorably (and nervously) stops Wyatt as he leans in to kiss her by the pool. "Wait, I mean we're co-workers. Isn't this against the rules or something?" Lucy asks, to which Wyatt replies, "Yeah, we're going to break a few rules," pulling Lucy into a steamy kiss. Oh, baby!

Seconds later, Wyatt picks Lucy up and they jump into the pool to continue their makeout session. "Don't you dare!" Lucy adorably warns Wyatt. "You're going to get it!" After all, at this point in the series, there's been enough wistful romantic looks on both sides to last a lifetime. And considering Wyatt reunites with his wife, Jessica (Tonya Glanz), by episode's end, let's just let these lovebirds enjoy their five minutes of bliss.

Watch the steamy pool scene below.

By the end of season two, Wyatt and Lucy have a heart to heart, where he says "I love you" -- a moment that was two seasons in the making. Complicating matters for the twosome is that Future Wyatt and Lucy show up by episode's end, offering their help in finding their presumed dead friend, Rufus. 

"It's interesting timing that future them shows up. That's going to be hanging in the air for present Wyatt and Lucy, and it'll be interesting to see how much more forward in time they've gone," Spencer told ET following the sophomore finale about that conversation. "I don't know what's going to be happening between the present and five years down the line, but that conversation will be hanging over the air now. And Lucy might have to make a choice. I do think she's developed feelings for Flynn and I think she's untrusting of Wyatt and his wife. He chose his wife, which he should have, so now what I like is we get to explore how complicated it is."