Timothee Chalamet Makes a Drug Deal Over Pancakes in 'Hot Summer Nights' Clip (Exclusive)


Timothée Chalamet's first post-Call Me by Your Name and Lady Bird project, the drug addiction drama Beautiful Boy, arrives later this year, but he has another movie hitting theaters first: the '90s-set drama Hot Summer Nights, which Chalamet shot before becoming an Academy Award nominee. (Hence the baby face.)

In Hot Summer Nights, he stars as socially awkward Daniel, who's spending the summer before college with his aunt on Cape Cod. There, he meets local weed dealer Hunter Strawberry (Alex Roe), and the two go into business together. In this exclusive clip, Daniel and Hunter meet with the pancake-loving drug supplier Dex (Emory Cohen) in a sleazy diner.

"How do we know this isn't some sort of, like, sting operation?" a nervous Daniel asks, leaning in to whisper. "How do we know you're not cops?"

"That's a good question. That's a very good question," Dex tells him, sucking the syrup off his knife before reaching across the table and slapping Daniel across the face. "Cops can't do that."

Hot Summer Nights, which is available now on DIRECTV and opens in theaters July 27, comes from writer-director Elijah Bynum and co-stars Maika Monroe (It Follows), Thomas Jane and William Fichtner.

Timothee Chalamet, Hot Summer Nights

Watch the trailer for Hot Summer Nights:

And here is the movie's official synopsis:

"Set in Cape Cod over one scorching summer, this fun and stylized thriller follows Daniel (Timothée Chalamet), a teenager who gets in over his head dealing drugs with the neighborhood rebel while pursuing his new partner's enigmatic sister. With a hurricane looming in the wings, tensions rise against a backdrop of drive-ins, arcades, and crashed parties as the stakes (and temperatures) grow ever higher.


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