Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Florence Pugh and Austin Butler React to Viral 'Dune' Popcorn Bucket (Exclusive)

Yes, they've seen it.

Yes, the cast of Dune: Part Two has seen the viral popcorn bucket.

Photos went viral last week of the promotional tie-in item for the upcoming film, a popcorn bucket with a top modeled after the gaping, tentacled maw of Dune's famous giant sandworms. The bucket has inspired a deluge of reactions online -- even inspiring a viral sketch on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. 

"It's not OK," Florence Pugh said with a laugh when the cast sat down with ET's Nischelle Turner to discuss their franchise sequel.

"I would be really curious to know what the discussion was around that," Timothée Chalamet joked. "Somebody might be mortally offended right now about the reaction to this -- or someone's going, 'This is exactly how I planned it!'"

"From a marketing perspective, I guess it's kind of genius," Zendaya agreed. "You're like, 'OK, I got to have one, I guess.'"

Josh Brolin was slightly more appalled by the viral moment. "I'm not gonna stick my hand in there! Like, I'm good. I'll starve."

"I was the exact opposite," Dave Bautista admitted. "They've had the conversations, like, did anyone realize? I think they realized and said, 'This is going to create quite a stir.'"

Zendaya, however, had some more logistical questions about the design.

"Just from a, like, eating popcorn standpoint -- you can't get anything out of it!" she noted. "It pulls the popcorn out of your hand... You go in and get a handful and then by the time you get it out, then it's not in your hand."

On a more serious note, the Dune co-stars also opened up about how excited they were to return for the sequel -- with Pugh and Austin Butler joining the cast for the new installment -- particularly given the host of talented young A-listers in the film.

"It's cool to be surrounded by people of a similar age who care a lot and work really hard and whose work is very inspiring," Butler shared. "To be able to go through the process together is a great experience." 

As for the comparisons to the famed "Brat Pack" of '80s fame, Butler and Chalamet joked that their group is too "tame" when it comes to partying to measure up, but Pugh said that the comparison is a "wonderful thing to hear."

"We all admire each other's work," she said. "We all know that every person in this movie, whether they're our age or older, they are the creme de la creme. It's truly an amazing experience being around that much talent."

"And then, of course, [working with] peers," she added. "I've loved [Zendaya's] work for such a long time, and Timmy, Austin... It's a wonderful feeling, being there with each other." 

Dune: Part Two is in theaters March 1.


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