Tina Fey’s ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ and ‘Great News’ Casts Praise Her at New York Stage and Film Gala (EXCLUSIVE)

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The 'Saturday Night Live' alum was honored Tuesday night at the New York Stage and Film Winter Gala, where she received heavy support from her famous colleagues.

And the award for best boss goes to…Tina Fey! The Saturday Night Live alum was honored Tuesday night at the New York Stage and Film Winter Gala, where she received heavy support from her famous casts.

Ellie Kemper and Carol Kane of Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Andrea Martin of NBC’s Great News were on hand to show their support for Fey, who executive produces both series. The cast of the Mean Girls musical, which Fey wrote based on her 2003 hit film of the same name, was also there to celebrate the actress-writer-producer-comedian.

“It feels like a great kindness to be here,” Fey humbly gushed to ET.

“To be honored by the theater community, it’s a big deal,” Fey added. “I’ve been doing theater since I was in high school, so getting to come in and try and be a part of this New York theater community, it’s really exciting.”

“She’s deserving of every honor available,” Kemper told ET on the red carpet. “I think Tina Fey is such a wonderful person to have in the world.”

“She is someone that leads by example and she does talk, but more than talk, she walks,” The Office alum continued. “She does so much. She’s brilliant, and while being both of those things, she’s also very kind.”

Kemper concluded with, “Whenever I talk to her, I feel better.”

“She’s just so multi-talented,” Martin echoed. “There’s nothing she can’t do, so I guess that’s who you give awards to, people who do everything!”

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Despite such glowing remarks from her colleagues, Fey is quick to thank the Big Apple for bringing them all together.

“I love working in New York. I love the pool of actors that you get to work with here,” Fey said. “It’s a great place to work…from 30 Rock and SNL and Kimmy Schmidt…We’re so lucky that we get to keep production here.”

Before accepting her honor, Fey also had time to comment on her good friend, Seth Meyers, hosting the upcoming 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, a job she and BFF Amy Poehler took on for three consecutive years in the past.

This upcoming awards season is expected to be especially newsworthy given the current climate in Hollywood following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct throughout the industry.

“I think Seth will be a great person to do it,” Fey told ET. “When Amy and I would do it, Seth would come backstage and help out and pitch jokes, so he definitely knows the room and he knows the gig and he’s a really smart and thoughtful person, so I think he’ll figure it out.”

In addition to Meyers being up for the task, Fey also thinks audiences at home will be ready for him to take on the subject.

“I think people are going to want to hear about that from him,” Fey admitted.

Not surprisingly, Fey was talking about sexual misconduct in the industry even before the wave of allegations began with Harvey Weinstein in early October.

“[Great News] did use it as a storyline. Tina wrote an episode on sexual harassment way before everything happened,” Martin revealed. “It really was a precursor to everything. So extraordinary that she wrote an episode and then two weeks later everything came out about Harvey Weinstein.”

“That’s why she should get this award, she’s a clairvoyant,” Martin quipped.

Additional reporting by David Batista.