Tisha Campbell Recalls Her Wild Bear Encounter in a Grocery Store (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the actress about her terrifying interaction with a bear at a supermarket in Los Angeles.

Tisha Campbell received quite the shock when she ran into a bear while grocery shopping.

The actress spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier about her terrifying bear encounter, which happened early Saturday morning. The 120-pound cub got lost and wandered into the Los Angeles area supermarket.

"He was in the bread section. I'm all the way in the fruit section. My instinct was, 'OK, I have to figure out how I'm gonna get out of here,' because they were just shooing him outside. How am I gonna get to my car?" she recalled. "So the calm that you see on my IG is really panic, straight panic. But I have to always think two steps ahead. Thank god my mother taught me how to play chess…When I got into my car I got to let it out."

The former My Wife and Kids star shared video of the experience on her Instagram, which shows the bear in the aisle, and Campbell making her way to her car. "You saw the calm before the storm," she joked. "But you didn't see the panic."

The video also shows her pushing her cart out of the store. "I paid for my groceries, but that was part of the panic because I was trying to wait for the bear to go farther. So I was panicked. I just kept paying for my groceries," she said with a laugh. "Oh that's so dumb, I should've just dropped the cart and just ran out while he was distracted. But I just got nervous because that looked like a baby bear to me, it didn't look like a full-grown bear. So where there's a baby there's a mama…My dumb behind bought, that's why I was out of breath because I was throwing my groceries in the back and rushed into the front."

Campbell had never had anything like this happen to her, adding, "I've never seen a bear in this area. It's a very urban area. There's a lot of people, a lot of houses." Her own mother also couldn't believe her story when she told her.

"I just started hitting my family members, and my mother kept saying, 'You're lying, you're lying," she recalled. "Nobody believed me."

The bear eventually exited the grocery store and hid under a trailer until wildlife officials were able to tranquilize it and take the cub to Angeles National Forest.

The bear incident follows Campbell's run in with a bobcat and coyotes in Arizona, she said.

"I have been having some type of animal attraction these days because I just left Arizona running from a bobcat," she said. "Then there were at my hotel room coyotes surrounding my hotel room howling… And then I come home and then there's a bear in the store!"

"I'm from North New Jersey. We've got pigeons, we don't have bears!" she quipped.