Tisha Campbell Reveals Where Her 'Martin' Character Gina Would be Today (Exclusive)

Tisha Campbell
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Tisha Campbell has said no to a Martin reboot for now, but she does have some thoughts on where Gina would be today. ET spoke to the actress at the premiere of her new Netflix series, Uncoupled, Tuesday night, where she shared her theory on her beloved character's whereabouts.

"Oh, we would probably still be together, married, and with grandchildren, I think!" Campbell said of where she thinks Gina and Martin Lawrence's titular character of Martin would be 25 year later.

Uncoupled sees Neil Patrick Harris as Michael, whose life is upended after his husband of 17 years suddenly leaves him and is forced to navigate New York City as a newly single gay man in his mid-forties. Campbell, who stars as Michael’s business partner, Suzanne, commented on her role and the importance of seeing all kinds of people and all kinds of relationships represented on television.

"It was amazing, it was amazing and relatable because, we're all human beings going through human experiences, and I understood it 'cause I too have been uncoupled from a long-termed relationship, so representation matters," Campbell said of the Darren Star-created project, which puts queer characters at the forefront.

She continued, "I remember myself being a little girl, and not seeing somebody that looked like me on television, and I remember myself being the only person who looked like me on television at one at one point in my career, and so, it's so important to see Neil Patrick Harris at the helm, and all of these beautiful queer men really playing queer men, you know what I mean?"

Campbell hopes the show has an impact that queer-led dramas like Pose has had on its viewers and on the culture.

"It's just an important thing, and I'm hoping that we have at least the impact -- at least this much impact that Pose had where you bring humanity to the forefront of this story," Campbell added. "And even though it's still a story of heart break, it's still relatable story about a universal subject, but it's also funny."

When asked about the show getting a second season, Campbell says she sees "excited" to see where Uncoupled could go.

"It's so great, because they really peeled this away an onion, like, everybody has a storyline, there's so many cliff hangers. Every single time you watch it, there's a cliff hanger, but at the end, there's a lot of cliff hangers," she teased. "So, you're gonna see us go through so much, and it's so rich, so I'm just excited about where we could go in a second season."

As for her own dating life, the recently uncoupled actress, who split from her husband of 24 years, Duane Martin, in 2020, Campbell said she's still getting used to the scene,

"Oh my God, what do you mean? This is my life, like there was no real social media before when I was single prior to being married. And there's a whole social scene, there's a whole algorithm that you have to adhere to -- that's the new dating," Campbell said when asked about dating in 2022. "I'm getting people sliding into my DMs and I'm seeing pictures I really don't want to see, you understand what I'm saying, like, 'Um, no thank you,' but my millennial friends are like, 'Honey, that is required dating these days,' so, it's just a whole different navigation that I'm still learning about."

See how Campbell, and the rest of the star-studded cast handle dating, uncoupling and more when Uncoupled hits Netflix July 29.


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