Tom Cruise Takes Flight in Action-Packed 'Top Gun: Maverick' Super Bowl Trailer

A new trailer premiered during Super Bowl LIV on Sunday.

Prepare for takeoff!

While the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs battled it out on the field, a new Top Gun: Maverick trailer premiered during the Super Bowl LIV on Sunday. 

"My dad believed in you, I'm not going to make the same mistake," Miles Teller -- who plays Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, son of Nick “Goose” Bradshaw -- says via voiceover as dramatic, action-packed scenes flash across the screen. Tom Cruise is then seen soaring and flying upside down. 

In Top Gun: Maverick -- which serves as a follow-up to the 1986 fighter pilot drama Top Gun, which also established Cruise as an A-lister and viable action star -- the 57-year-old actor reprises his role as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, who has moved on from being a hotshot fighter ace and now works as an U.S. Navy flight instructor.

ET was with Top Gun: Maverick actors Glen Powell and Monica Barbaro at Sirius XM Radio Row on Friday, where they opened up about what it was like to star alongside Cruise in the flick.

"Tom Cruise, obviously, as you probably know, takes things very seriously. In terms of the flying in this movie, it's all practical flying," Powell said. "We're actually [in] F-18s this entire time, so if we didn't do the Tom Cruise School of Flying, we would've been passing out and puking the entire time."

See more in the video below.

Top Gun: Maverick is in theaters on June 26. 



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