Tom Girardi Has a 'Major Neurocognitive Disorder,' Court Docs State

Girardi's conservatorship notes that he has severe dementia and lacks the capacity to give informed consent for medical treatment.

Tom Girardi is now under the care of his brother, Robert. The former attorney's younger brother filed official letters of conservatorship Tuesday, making him the conservator of both Tom and his estate.

Court docs obtained by ET list Tom's dementia diagnosis as the reason for the conservatorship, stating that he has a "major neurocognitive disorder" and lacks the "capacity to give informed consent for medical treatment." The court also found that Tom is unable to provide for his personal needs, physical health, food, clothing or shelter and is substantially unable to manage his financial resources or to resist fraud or undue influence. ET has reached out to attorneys for Tom and Robert for comment. 

The letters of conservatorship come after a July 9 ruling where Robert was made conservator over Tom's person and estate, a decision Tom disagreed with. 

"Obviously I disagree with the conservatorship altogether and we'll do everything we can to dissolve it as soon as possible," Tom, 82, said at the time. "I think we should put together reasons why the conservatorship should be dissolved and then we'll address the court. But right now, there's nothing to say to the court."

Despite his desire to dissolve the conservatorship, Tom ultimately consented to it, with the judge confirming with Tom's attorney, Rudy Cosio, that his client had no objection to Robert being his conservator.

ET reported back in February that Tom had been placed under a temporary conservatorship amid his highly publicized split from Erika Jayne and their ongoing legal troubles. The hearing came weeks after Robert filed documents to become Tom's temporary conservator. Court documents obtained by ET at the time claimed that Tom's current condition "has sadly deteriorated to the point where he cannot care for himself without assistance."

"His short-term memory is severely compromised and, on information and belief, he is often not oriented as to date, time or place," the documents stated. "He is unable to handle his financial affairs and protect his property at present, despite serious financial and legal problems."

Prior to his diagnosis, Erika filed for divorce from Tom in November, listing the date of separation as "TBD" and citing irreconcilable differences.



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