Tom Hanks Jokes About 'High Maintenance' 'Post' Co-Star Meryl Streep

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'The Post' actor explains why people expect 'French horns' from his costar -- and why she's the exact opposite!

Tom Hanks is opening up about what it's really like to work with Meryl Streep.

The 61-year-old actor was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week, where he hilariously joked about Streep  on the set of their latest film, The Post.

"You mean, can I just say, 'High maintenance Meryl Streep?" Hanks replied when host Stephen Colbert brought up his costar. "Look, the shoes alone, man."

Because it's so easy for rumors to start in Hollywood, Hanks quickly confirmed he was only joking about these diva antics.

"I am so joking," he exclaimed.

Hanks continued on, telling Colbert that the Oscar-winning actress is actually the exact opposite of high maintenance. 

"You know what’s scary about Meryl? She comes in and does it just like everybody else does," Hanks revealed. "You're expecting French horns before she enters the stage."

"You expect a guy in livery to come out: 'Ladies and gentlemen, the actress known as Meryl Streep,'" he continued. "And she comes in and waves to the crew the way the royals used to."

While the two had no problem getting along on set, Hanks claimed they did have one small argument about the film's director, Steven Spielberg.

"She was mad at me because I didn't tell her Steven doesn't rehearse," Hanks admitted. "He just wants to figure it out as he goes along. He's almost like a guerrilla filmmaker. He has the set, he has the space and he wants to fill it with something he hasn't imagined before. I don't mean to [say] that he's not prepared -- he's the most prepared man in the world."

The Post hits theaters Dec. 22. Watch the video below to hear more!