Tom Hanks Reflects on Having Only a Dog and a Robot as Co-Stars in 'Finch' (Exclusive)

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Tom Hanks is heading into the post-apocalyptic future in his new sci-fi drama, Finch. As a lone scientist in a desolate world, Hanks' titular character has very few options when it comes to comrades.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette, the two-time Oscar winner opens up about his character, and the timeliness of the sci-fi tale's message.

"Finch is the last man on Earth maybe. There’s hints of other people out there but as far as his part of metropolitan St. Louis, he’s the only guy left," Hanks shares. "But he has the greatest companion in the world, he has a dog."

Hanks -- who famously starred with a volleyball sidekick in 2000's Cast Away -- is clearly no stranger to surviving with unusual friends by his side. In this case, he's joined on his futuristic adventure by his dog, Goodyear, and a robot of his own design.

"Finch is an engineer and he has built the robot to help take care of Goodyear. His name is Jeff," Hanks says. "When word of this massive storm comes on, we gotta pile into the family RV and take off to the promised land out west."

Hanks says he feels it's vital for survival to be with others whom you care for -- whether it's another person or if it's a robot and a dog who depend on you.

"It is not human to be alone because in company we find companionship, we find love," Hanks says. "The bond between Finch and Goodyear is one that is based on deep affection and constant understanding. Who doesn’t love a good dog? Even Jeff loves a good dog."

Ultimately, the thing that sets Finch apart from other post-apocalyptic survival dramas is it's message of love and inspiration.

"The beautiful thing about the film is that it’s optimistic, hopeful and it’s just delightful," Hanks shares.

Finch premieres Friday, Nov. 5 on AppleTV+.


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