Tom Hanks Remembers Wondering If 'Forrest Gump' Was Going to 'Make Any Sense' While Filming (Exclusive)

The star opened up to ET at the premiere of his new film 'Toy Story 4' in Hollywood on Tuesday.

With the 25th anniversary of Forrest Gump's release just around the corner, Tom Hanks is reflecting on what it was like filming the ambitious, widely beloved pop culture milestone.

The celebrated star walked the red carpet at the premiere of Toy Story 4 in Hollywood on Tuesday, and he opened up to ET's Matt Cohen about his memories from the set of the acclaimed dramedy.

"We wondered what we were doing and we wondered if it was all going to make any sense," Hanks said, with a laugh.

The project, which tells the story of a simple but good-hearted man who, through luck, fate and circumstance had an enormous impact on the world around him, was one of the most ambitious films of its time. Hanks earned his second Oscar for his role, and the film took home an additional five Oscars, including Best Picture.

"Any movie that you're making requires two things," Hanks shared. "One, a huge leap of faith in the alliance you've made with everybody else who's making the movie, and also trust in the process, and that if you love it and you do your due diligence, and you never let go of the potential that it could be made, it will all work out."

"That fact is, that was a magnificent movie and a surprise," he added.

As for his latest film, Toy Story 4, Hanks joked about the connection between the plot of the film, which concerns lost toys, and his own penchant for taking photos of lost and abandoned items -- like mittens, gloves and shoes -- and posting them to his Twitter feed.

"When you see a movie that's called Gloves, and it's just a movie about talking gloves, you know I'll be suing someone for the copyright on that," Hanks joked.

However, while photographing lost items of clothing has been a staple of his Twitter feed for some time, the actor said he'd feel a little different if he saw a toy lying abandoned on the side of the road, admitting, "I would be crushed if I was to take a picture of a lost toy."

After starring in four installments in the beloved Disney-Pixar franchise, it's understandable why Hanks might have an affinity for toys.

The actor once again reprises his role as the iconic Sheriff Woody in Toy Story 4, which comes out June 21.