Tori Spelling Remembers 'Good, Kind' Luke Perry on What Would Have Been His 57th Birthday

Spelling co-starred with Perry -- who died in March 2019 -- on 'Beverly Hills, 90210.'

More than four years after Luke Perry's tragic and untimely death, the loss still resonates with Tori Spelling.

The Beverly Hills, 91210 alum took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday to commemorate what would have been his 57th birthday.

Spelling shared a beaming, joyful throwback snapshot of herself and Perry in their youth, seemingly dancing gleefully at an event surrounded by other partygoers.

"Could be a million people in the room, but he always made you feel like you were the only one," Spelling, 50, wrote as a tribute to her friend and former co-star.

"Good kind humans are a rare breed. I don't know that many sadly. He was one," Spelling continued. "Happy birthday. Missing you always."

Tori Spelling/Instagram

Perry died on March 4, 2019, at the age of 52, after suffering a massive stroke.

Perry's death came just a few months before filming commenced on the meta-revival/reboot of the show that first made him famous, BH90210, and the loss was still difficult for some of his co-stars to wrap their heads around at the time.

"When we first got together for the first promo shoot, there was a moment, it was heartbreaking, where Ian [Ziering] slipped," Spelling recalled during an episode of the 90210MG podcast in November 2020. "We were waiting for all of us, and we, you know, we count -- it's like when you have kids and you count your kids -- there's always eight of us, and you count. Ian turned around and said, 'Where's Luke?' and then I saw him catch himself, and he turned away."

"I could see his heart breaking and he started to cry," she continued. "But it was what we were all thinking though. We didn't feel complete, and we still don't."

"He had such an impact on the world," Spelling added. "He was just as special as [everyone] thought he was, or wanted him to be, and even more so."

For more on Perry's life and legacy in celebration of his birthday, see the video below.