TV Land's 'Teachers' Spoofs 'Walking Dead' in Epic First Season 3 Trailer (Exclusive)

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TV Land's Teachers is taking a page out of the zombie apocalypse!

Teachers tells the story of a group of Chicago-area elementary school teachers who are trying to mold the minds of America's youth, but don't have their own lives together at all. The series is created by and stars the improv group The Katydids -- Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, Kate Lambert, Katie O'Brien, Cate Freeman and Kathryn Renée Thomas. 

ET exclusively premieres the epic first trailer from the upcoming third season of the female-led comedy series, returning this summer, and it's totally zombie-rific. When one of the teachers, Ms. Snap (Colloton), discovers that a student has a major case of head lice, they go to Walking Dead lengths to ensure that things don't reach disaster levels when things go from bad to worse.

One of the kids even subconsciously pays homage to Carl, Rick's teenage son who died after being bitten by a walker. "Why are you wearing someone else's hat when there's a lice outbreak?!" Ms. Snap yells out in sheer horror before she and Mrs. Adler (Thomas) shuffle him into a classroom-turned-isolation room.

Doesn't matter, fake Carl still makes his way through the school hallway amid the madness, happily declaring he's "still lice-free"! "Carl, you always do the dumbest f**king thing!" Ms. Snap screams. Watch the exclusive trailer for your very first look at what's sure to be a memorable new season.

Teachers returns for season three on Tuesday, June 5 on TV Land.


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